Clover Photos / Bio for Tracy

Well hello!  Thanks for stopping by!  I’m Tracy and it’s very nice to meet you!

I started Clover Photos because I have always l o v e d photography.  My dad and my Aunt Gina were always the designated photographers of our family, but I secretly urned to join them.  I can recall my earliest of cameras, the joy each time I got a new one, and the delight I would feel when we’d go to pick up my film – yes, I am that old! 🙂 – and there would be fabulous photos inside those yellow development envelopes.  I can be quite sentimental, so I cherish the memories each photograph can hold.  I believe every photo holds a story waiting to be told.

About me, in short: I’m married to my high school sweetheart, who is a superhero dad to our two wonderful and amazing kids.  We live happily in a suburb of Chicago and have two children.  While I cherished photos before I became a mom, I had no idea just how truly important and glorious photos could be until we had our son and daughter.  Now our photos help us to relish in the many moments that are super special while our awesome kiddos grow sooo very fast.  On top of that, I have two fabulous friends that are also both fully invested in their love of photography, and they inspired me to want to share the joy that comes from capturing precious times you share with your family.

In addition to being a photographer, I am also a part-time special education teacher.  I’m very lucky to work with incredible educators and super students in a great school.  Through opening Clover Photos, I now have the opportunity to dive deep into photography AND be with children and families in different settings, too.  Through this, two worlds that I love have collided in the most fantastic way.

∴ I can’t thank you enough for being a Clover Client and for entrusting me with capturing the awesomeness that is you and your family! ∴


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